Friday, 26 November 2010

The SS Selections

I am aware that this sounds like I am selecting people to join Hitler's rather controversial policing unit but alas this is just my Premier League picks for this weekend.

Villa v Arsenal – Away win

The Gunners have had some big wins away from home in the league and despite losing their last two games against Spurs and Braga (in Europe) they will probably have too much for Houlier’s young Villa team.

Bolton v Blackpool - Home win

Coyles team march on here. They also have one of the most underrated players in the league in Lee Chung-Yong.

Everton v West Brom – Home win

Everton were much better than Sunderland on Monday night and West Brom appear on a slippery slope. No brainer really

Fulham v Birmingham – Draw

Birmingham beat Chelsea at the weekend but had just one shot in 90 mins. Fulham were woeful against City and Hughes can't seem to buy a win.

United v Blackburn – Home win

United will continue to be dull, Nani will annoy the hell out of everyone for 90 mins and will then do something out of the ordinary that will win the game.

Stoke v City- Away win

Despite Mancini not been the man for the job (and for City’s owners the job is them winning the title) I have a feeling their players will do what they want here and they’ll win 2 or 3 nil. And Tony Pulis will cry.

West Ham v Wigan – Draw

Bold prediction here... this will be shown last on Match Of The Day and it will be 0-0. Both teams are so poor it’s beyond belief.

Wolves v Sunderland – Home win

I think Wolves are better than their position suggests and Sunderland are so unpredictable. Awful at Newcastle, okay at Spurs, brilliant at Chelsea; I can’t figure this team out.

Newcastle v Chelsea – Away win

Ancelotti isn't losing three games in a row. Just isn't happening. Can see Drogba destroying Newcastle here.

Spurs v Liverpool – Home win

Usually I would pick a draw in this situation and by Sunday I may have persuaded myself that Spurs Euro exploits would have rendered them knackered, but without Gerrard, I cant see Liverpool getting anything here.

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